Custom M3 Creations

Sweet kitchen cup towels…O how they will make your kitchen super duper adorable.

These towels were ordered for gifts, to decorate a bathroom, and I even gave some away to some lovey’s in my life to welcome them to their new homes.  Love them. 


 I am a bit behind…Can you tell?  I am going to play catch up for a while.  It is mainly because this summer, I would create,

take a quick picture, then ship the items out…No time for blogging.  Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get back in the


Here are some super fun keyfobs…They went all over the USA!  So awesome!

It has been super busy around the Harris Home here lately.  I have been thinking a lot lately of updating this blog with not just sewing goodies, but more of my personal family life as well.  I am getting way behind on blogging on my other blog, so I am going to give this a whirl.  Sorry if it is too much information for you!  🙂

Baden is growing and doing well.  He is still measuring BIG so I am not sure what that will mean for my current April 28th C-Section date!  We shall see.  I am going to the dr. and ultrasound people every week, so they are all over it. 

{that is his profile with one of his hands at his mouth.  The other two dots above his head are his feet…how the boy is comfortable, I do not understand}

Maggie Moo is getting so big.  She loves to play with all of her toys and just enjoys being at home.  I love target, she loves home.  We differ to say the least.  She loves to just stay in PJ’s all day and watch some Sprout and chill.  I love her truly.  She got a haircut last Thursday and I adore her new style.  She is so funny when she gets her haircut.  She just sits very still and makes funny faces at herself the whole time (and at our awesome hairdresser, Nicki!).  She loves the shorter look because it means less blow dry time after bath. 


{Mrs. Nicki gave Maggie bunny ears with the clippies…She loved it}

{The length is coming off!}

{the after…notice Bunny was right there with her for the whole experience…I quite adore her and that silly bunny}

I have been crafting at my own rate.  This weekend I was able to accomplish quite a bit and it made me feel so good!

This keyfob headed to Amy S. in White House, TN.  I love the colors!  So springy!

The next two MOM shirts were ordered by Ann R. in Greenbrier, TN.  She ordered one for herself and one for her best friend.  I love that!  They both turned out so sweet!  Ann loved this dot fabric and they look super cute with the gray shirt behind them. 

Thank you so much Ann for your orders and support!  I look forward to creating more for you in the future!

More orders to come…Have a great Tuesday and Happy March!

I started working on this huge order a while ago, but finished it up after we knew we were having a baby boy…and oooo it makes me SO EXCITED!

This order went to Robin R. that I work with.  Her little boy, Tate, has quite the collection of M3 originals.  His mom is in love with onesies and since he is on the go, why not make them look as cute as possible!  My favorite is hard to pick, but I would have to say the whale one!  My little man will have one of those for sure!

Thank you so much Robin for your orders!  I look forward to continue creating for Mr. Tate!

This shirt is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.  Period!  I love how it turned out.  My BF, Lyndsey (who is also super crafty with card making-you can check out her stuff here) asked for a custom shirt to wear to school.  Lyndsey was also my student teacher a couple of years ago, so we have teaching PE in common for our list of loves.  She is such a huge help around my “studio” when she gets to visit…I usually refer to her as my best-cutter-outter and fabric picker.

Making her a custom shirt was an honor, although it took me forever (since I was sick). 
She was so patient though and I believe that she loves it! 

Thank you for all that you always do, Lynds.  Love you!

I love this shirt!  It was a booger to create, but I loved how it turned out.  Holly W. ordered this for her son, Carson’s, 6th birthday shirt.  I created Carson’s birthday shirt last year as well which was a robot theme and it was awesome!  I love repeat customers! 

This year she requested a speedboat on the front and his age in a circle on the back.  Lots of small details on this shirt, right down to the little “c” in the flag on the back of the boat!

Thank you again Holly for coming back and letting me be apart of Carson’s special day!

This shirt was ordered by Amanda H.  She was a mom to 3 beautiful children for a while until their family decided to adopt a sweet little girl, Macy.  She wanted a shirt that she could wear as she arrived home in the airport to show how their family had grown through adoption.  Macy is just beautiful and I was honored to create this shirt for Amanda.

Thank you for your order Amanda.  I hope that your family is doing well with your new addition!

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