April 2008

I love that my boy clothing gallery is growing…and I LOVE this shirt!

Shannon contacted me and requested a Monster Truck for her son, Evan. She said he loves monster trucks and motorcycles. I have the motorcycle shirt in the works, but I couldn’t wait to post this shirt!

I love the Amy Butler Dot Fabric for the truck and all the detail just makes it look real!
I think the mud that the truck is splashing around in is my favorite part!

Shannon, thank you so much for your orders! I hope you love shirt #1!

Would love to hear what you think about this new design!


Amy in South Carolina contacted me to order a sweet little monkey for her little monkey, Emory. I love that name. She asked me if we could create Alex the Monkey, but girlie.
Girlie to me…means…a sweet little bow! I love how this shirt turned out and I hope that Ms. Emory loves it as well.

Thank you for your order Amy! I can’t wait to see Ms. Emory in her new Maggie Moo shirt!

These sweet shirts are for some very lucky little boys. Christy contacted me and placed an order for several shirts for her twin boys. She has been so great to work with and I am so glad that she loves these shirts. This is the first set of three. Her boys are going to be dressed to the 9’s in Maggie Moo Originals.

Thanks for your orders Christy. I can’t wait to show you the others!

What do you think? Would love your opinions! Thanks!

This order is for a little sweetie that will be here later this year. Her mom, Lana, contacted me after seeing an order I did for a teacher friend of mine with Tessa the Frog. She wanted a Flower and a Froggie shirt for Sweet Savannah’s arrival. I love the way they turned out and can’t wait to see pictures of her in them. Lana lives in Florida…can you believe that Maggie Moo Originals are making there way there! I am so excited!
Thanks Lana for your orders and I hope you love them. Good luck through the rest of your pregnancy!

This post is a very special one to me and takes me back to some wonderful memories. I worked at a camp here locally called Camp Widijiwagan where I taught tennis and was a camp counselor for one summer during college. I loved it! It was actually the first time Josh, my husband, and I worked together. Every morning, we would sign songs and get ready for the day. One of the songs was called “The Alligator Is My Friend.” As the summer went on, the camp leader would dedicate the song to me because my camp nickname was Alie. Get it…Alliegator…I loved it.

The song goes…
The alligator is my friend…
And she can be your friend too…
I would rather have her has my friend…
Then wear her on my shoe…
(then you would make your hands like an alligator mouth and go…)


The camp leader was named Merle. I loved him. He made “work” fun for everyone! So this shirt is named after my friend Merle.
This sweet shirt is for Alex, owner of Alex the Monkey. His mom, Angie, contacted me and said that he would love an alligator shirt…Could I do one? Of course! He is going to look so adorable in this. I started with yummy blue shirt and added some adorable Amy Butler dot fabric for the alligator and coordinating orange dots for the bird on the back.
Angie, I hope you and Alex love his new shirt! Thanks for your order! I hope to make more for Mr. Alex soon!

I LOVE this design. It might be one of my personal favorites.
This set is for a great girl, Sarah A.
She is expecting her third little sweetie this summer…her first boy. She is so excited about having a boy. She works a ton with my sister, Brea, at her consignment sale. At Brea’s latest sale, Sarah mentioned that she was naming her little boy Harrison…obviously, I love that name. She said…How cute would it be for you to make me a Harrison the Hippo…I LOVED it!
I love the way that this whole set turned out. She wanted the Harrison the Hippo shirt and a burp cloth set. One burp cloth with a hippo and a small “h” and the other with his initials…”hda.”
I used a ton of Amy Butler dot fabric and some yummy felt. I think it all turned out really sweet…

Sarah, thanks for your business…I hope you LOVE your items.
I can’t wait till Mr. Harrison is here to see him in his hippo shirt!

This super duper cute shirt is going to Mr. PaRkEr…You may remember Parker from Parker the VW with Surfboard on top. Parker’s mom, Erica, contacted me and requested an owl shirt for Parker. She said that he is in love with owls here lately and she knew he would love an owl original shirt.
You might remember Luke the Owl from this post. I originally made an owl for one of my awesome nephews, Luke. He loved it and so did I.
I think this shirt is so stinkin’ cute and it is going to look so adorable on Parker.
Thanks again for your order, Erica. I can’t wait to see pictures of Parker sporting his new shirt!

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