Some super fun lanyards that were all custom orders.  One all purples, one fun and young fabrics, and one with all white, black, and white for school spirit!  Love them all!  So fun!


6 beautiful, colorful, and so cheerful lanyards shipped out today.  They are so sweet!  I love that they are heading all over the US from MN to TX…too cool!!!

Thank you ladies for your business and support!

What a post this is going to be! 
So many of my custom patchworked lanyards and keyfobs have flown out of the door lately.  Most of these were created before I started back to school…my creating has come to an immediately HOLD UP since starting school again!  I hate it, but I have to be a mommy first, teacher next, and then a crafter third.  Priorities…I keep telling myself that. 

Without any other delays…let’s get started!

The top 5 lanyards were ordered by Jane.  She wanted lots of color with some emphasis on purple.  She also wanted 7 keyfobs.  The package that left with all of this inside was absolutely bursting with color!

Thank you Jane!  I hope you love them all!

The next lanyard was ordered by a teacher at Josh’s school.  She wanted LOTS of DOTS.  CAN DO I said!  I love the way it turned out!  So fun and young! 

Thank you Mrs. Burns!

The last lanyard for now was ordered by a teacher at my school.  Word is spreading…can you tell? 

She wanted a custom lanyard covered in all one fabric…I am loving this idea!  Thinking about doing one for myself!

Hope you love it Mrs. Campbell!  Thank you for your order!

What a special honor it was when one of my all-time favorite student’s wanted me to do create some custom lanyards for her softball team!!!  Matti was in my class the last two years and I ADORE HER!  Seriously, I thought many days how I hoped and prayed that my Maggie Moo would grow up and be like Matti!  She is a gem and I was blessed to have gotten to teach her the past two years. 

Matti, I hope you loved your lanyards!  Thank you for allowing me to create these for your team!  I adore you!

{had to show this picture of my trusty assistant…always by my side}

I have been working in a sea of lanyards.  I am talking a TON OF THEM!  I did 11 the last week, have 14 more to go.  They have been selling through my blog, through Etsy, and even to an entire Girl’s Softball team!  Yippee! 

They are so unique and fun to create…I love the colors that can combine together and look precious!

These 4 lanyards and 4 adorable polka dot keyfobs are headed to Katie H. in Utah!  Thank you so much Katie…

The next 5 lanyards are heading to Laura T. in TX.  I hope that you love them Laura!

I love my lanyards that I make…I do…I just can’t help it!  They are so super cute and super colorful!  They will literally go with any outfit and look very professional!  3 new lanyards went out this week!  One to a customer on Etsy that was super fun to work with and 2 to my BF, Lyndsey, as thank you gifts to the two ladies that mentored her a job interview.  What a neat way to say thank you for their help, especially since she got the JOB!  Way to go Lynds!

Thanks for your orders ladies…Hope you love them!

A TON of keyfobs have gone out this week.  They are a great little gift to say a random thank you or just to look great on your wrist!  I love all the colors that you can make with these!  They are just great!

Thanks to the wonderful ladies that purchased these!  I hope they make your day!!!

These lanyards are going to Florida…VERY SOON!  So sweet!