I know I have been totally out of pocket lately. 

Let me explain.  My husband got the flu, then we were off to Disney World, we returned, he rebounded and got sick again, and then my Maggie got the flu.  Things at the Harris house have been crazy!

I did some awesome sewing before we left for Disney and I have tons of photos and customer photos of their cuties to show you.  First you have to see some of the shots that my husband, Josh, took lately.  He is amazing and cheap so if your looking for a creative guy for some recent photos…I recommend him! 


…maggie moo waiting for the plane with her hello kitty travel case and her new Hedgie the Hedgehog shirt on…


…she slept so good on this trip…
…this picture brings tears to my eyes…


…this is my handsome dad…Papa Eddie…


…this is our Dexter Bing…
…he did a great job keeping Josh company while he was so sick…


…doesn’t this look like a postcard…

So, it is very quickly coming up on the Holiday season!  Can you believe it?

I am getting in the giving mood with the best giveaway yet!!!  Hold your horses because here are the details.

I am going to give away a $30.00 Maggie Moo’s Mom gift certificate good towards WHATEVER you choose.

Custom shirt for your sweetie, 2 lanyards, 6 key fobs, anything that adds up to $30.00.

How to enter:

You know I am a huge fan of giveaways!  I am also a huge fan of comments.  So here are the rules!

You can enter as many times as you like.  SERIOUSLY!  I don’t care if that is 300 times. 

If you want to grab a spot for an item to be custom made, I will double your chances.  I have 5 SPOTS open right now!

If you want to facebook, blog, tweet, email – GREAT!  Just let me know through linking it back to me at alihol@hotmail.com and I will double your chances, period!  Easy as peach pie!

Giveaway will end on Nov. 7th at 12:00 a.m. and I will draw ONE winner on Nov. 8th at 12:00 p.m. (noon)

I want to offer this to as many as possible!  I want this to be so fun!  I want to make someone’s day!

Good Luck and COMMENT away!!!