January 2010

There is such a story with this shirt. 
If you have ever met my Maggie, you have met her Bunny.  Recently, her bunny rabbit who was always been referred to as “Bunny” has now been named Bunny Rabbit.  Maggie has loved her bunny from the first day of her life.  She clung to that rabbit when her daddy got sick. 

 I have been wanting to make Mags a bunny shirt for a long time and recently I did just that.  I love it and so does Maggie Moo.  Since Easter is coming up, I decided this shirt would be an awesome shirt to take orders for.

 So here’s the deal…

 The bunny rabbit shirt is going to be a special shirt, on sale as a special deal and all.  From now until Feb. 15th, if you purchase/order a bunny shirt, your total will be $20.00 shipped!  The bunny will look exactly like this one, except I can do your bunny ears in any color (refer to the Fabric Choice Inventory tab at the top) and the flower will be in fabric instead of the pre-made flower. 

So, $20. 00 shipped. 
Your sweetie will look so adorable on Easter!






Never say never.  If you had asked me 3 years ago if I would be creating randomly awesomely stuff…I would have laughed out loud! 

Meet my newest project…An AMAZING dog leash! 

My mentor at school, Mrs. Davis, brought me the supplies and asked if I could make her a designer dog leash for her sweetie doggie Molly.  I was soooo nervous about this project.  To be totally honest, I have had this on my to-do list for about 4 months.  I had no idea where to start.  So…patchworking I went and it is AMAZING.  The pictures don’t do it enough justice.  It is patchworked all the way from the collar to the hold of the leash.  I used tons of girlie colors and I do believe that Mrs. Davis is going to love it.  I sure hope she does.  

Thanks for your support Mrs. Davis.  I adore you! 


I love lanyards.  I wear my lanyard at work everyday with my badge and feel colorful, even when I may not be colorful on the inside.  These two lanyards are heading out on Monday…one to an Autism Specialist in my County and one to an 8th Grader at Josh’s school.  They have to wear ID Badges, so why not have a super cute polka-dot galore one to be so cute and stylish.

Sometime I create so much and take such last minute pictures and then it takes me a Rando (random) post to catch me up…  So here we go! 

These Coffee Cozies have already headed to Tiffani…an awesome lady I used to teach with.  I know that she loves them and I hope that they make a great Valentine’s Day present for your someone special! 


I LOVE snow days…What teacher do you know that doesn’t?  I have been cranking out some awesome stuff the past 2 days!  The first is a headband for ME.  I never get around to making myself anything, so I especially love this reversible headband!  So fun in the Gym with my plain-o-outfits…what a cute way to jazz it up! 


4 Keyfobs that Jenny Sue (a great friend from High School) picked up as some quick and cheap Thank You presents for some teacher’s at her school!

2 more keyfobs going to some special women! 



I LOVE these!  My awesome niece and twin nephews have some water bottles that they carry to school daily.  I created some cozies for them to use to keep their hands dry and warm.  I love all the detail in these cozies.  I took the pic with my phone so sorry for the terrible quality.  But, I sewed in between every line and made them super cute for some of my favorite children EVER! 


This shirt…where do I even begin? 

This shirt went to a very special lady…Val.  Val came to visit with our family as she is Joshua Tucker, my youngest nephew’s, birthmom.  J.T. has been an amazing addition to our family.  My sis and bro-in-law have amazing children and he has fit right in.  Val left her sweet 2 yr. old daughter behind to spend time with J.T. this past Christmas so my mom, dad, Josh, Maggie, and I wanted her to have something to open to take back home to her daughter.  The flower shirt is adorably simple and I love it. 

(again sorry it was on my phone camera)

This adorable little Coffee Cozy has headed to Nancy C., the winner of my recent giveaway!  I love how it turned out.  I have been totally into patchworking and following lines of creative fabrics and I love all the detail, including the vintage button!!! 

Thanks Nancy!!!  And I can’t wait to receive my adoption shirt!!!

 #4.  Nancy Cornwell

Congratulations Nancy!  Contact me and I will get to work on y0ur custom Coffee Cozy!!!

Thank you to all of you that entered!  What fun it was to read what you drink at Starbucks.  Let me know if you would like a custom Coffee Cozy for yourself!!!

It’s giveaway time my friends!  I am so excited about this too!  I will make this simple and to the point.

A new Maggie Moo’s Mom creation:  A Coffee Cozy.  I love Starbucks (only the hot chocolate though – I need to branch out!!).  This cozy replaces the cardboard holder that they provide you for your cups.  I love the way this turned out and plan to make a few adjustments so that they will work for all sizes of cups.

For this giveaway, you will receive one Coffee Cozy (that you help design) and
a $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card. 

Drink in Style…on me!!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post for one entry telling me what your fav drink is at Starbucks.
  • Check out my new Fabric Choices Inventory tab located at the top and leave a comment HERE telling me your top 3 fabric choice numbers are for one entry.
  • Sign up to receive notifications when this blog is updated.  Use the button on the right for one entry.
  • Blog, Facebook, Twitter, or email your buddies about the giveaway for one entry each (just be sure to let me know by sending me a link).
  • Visit my husband’s blog (jdharrisphotography.wordpress.com) and leave a comment there for one entry.
  • Make a Maggie Moo’s Mom purchase (no matter how big or small) for 5 extra entries. 

So you could potientially get 13 opporunities to enter.  Drawing will close on January 18th at Noon CST.  A winner will be announced shortly after that.  Get excited!!! 

(((if you can’t wait and want a Coffee Cozy…they are only $5.00!!! 
you can custom choose your fabric and make it so adorable. )))

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