What a post this is going to be! 
So many of my custom patchworked lanyards and keyfobs have flown out of the door lately.  Most of these were created before I started back to school…my creating has come to an immediately HOLD UP since starting school again!  I hate it, but I have to be a mommy first, teacher next, and then a crafter third.  Priorities…I keep telling myself that. 

Without any other delays…let’s get started!

The top 5 lanyards were ordered by Jane.  She wanted lots of color with some emphasis on purple.  She also wanted 7 keyfobs.  The package that left with all of this inside was absolutely bursting with color!

Thank you Jane!  I hope you love them all!

The next lanyard was ordered by a teacher at Josh’s school.  She wanted LOTS of DOTS.  CAN DO I said!  I love the way it turned out!  So fun and young! 

Thank you Mrs. Burns!

The last lanyard for now was ordered by a teacher at my school.  Word is spreading…can you tell? 

She wanted a custom lanyard covered in all one fabric…I am loving this idea!  Thinking about doing one for myself!

Hope you love it Mrs. Campbell!  Thank you for your order!