February 2010


I was doing some searching the other day and ran across this adorable blog.  Katie is now one of my “customers” and her handmade invitations and frames are adorable!  For the block photo frames… just clip your picture in.  She has a huge variety of designs! 

I am huge sucker for amazing invitations and stationary.  She also does photo invitations customized for your party or shower theme.  Add whatever you’d like!
Check out her awesome work…It is always fun to find another crafty mom!


This sweet shirt is going to Bentley’s big sister, Kaitlin.  She turned 4 a bit ago and we were not able to attend the pony party because of the snow and ice we had that weekend.  I love the way this shirt turned out.  Purple is going to be one of my new favorite colors this coming Spring!  I love the way the lime green pops off the purple as well! 

Kerri, I am so sorry we had to miss it, but can’t wait to see you Tuesday girl!  Love you!

…Meet Mandy…
Mandy is one amazing lady.  She wears many hats.  She works for the American Heart Association and actually is my Jump Rope for Heart Coordinator at school.  We met years ago and both dreamed of having a baby.  She watched Maggie grow in my belly as I attempted to jump rope with my students (ha).  She is also married to an awesome guy named Jake.  Jake and Mandy just gave birth to twins…I LOVE TWINS… 

Not only do I love twins, but secretly would love to have twins for my next pregnancy (JuJu-write that down, so just in case it actually happens…I will remember I said I thought it was a good idea at this time of my life!!!)  At any rate, my sis has twin boys and my sis-in-law also has twin boys.  We love twins.  When I heard that Mandy was pregnant…I was basically jumping up and down…then shortly after I heard it was twins…boy/girl twins. 

My hubby, Josh, went to their home and did a maternity shoot in November and then returned today to do their newborn pictures…I am dying to see them.  I wanted to send a little something with him for the babies, so I thought these matching, yet gender-specific initial shirts were perfect.

Congratulations Mandy and Jake on baby Josh and baby Jules.  Love you guys!

One of my very special friends from high school, Kerri, just gave birth to her son, Bentley, and I thought Bentley needed a sweet shirt!  Bentley is the little brother to Kaitlin, who is just a doll!  I can’t wait to get my hands on Bentley…SOON!

Love you Kerri!


This sweet initial t-shirt is heading to one of my very best customers…Erica.  Erica is the mommy to Parker and Jaz, who both have a few Maggie Moo’s Mom original shirts.  Well, Erica is recently a new mommy to Mr. Easton, who is a little Parker in the making from what I can tell from pictures.

I want to surprise Erica so Mr. Easton’s shirt will be in the mail tomorrow.  I hope you love it Erica and thanks for all of your continue support for my craft!


This super sweet set is headed to Jenny T. for her best friend who is expecting a baby very soon…Sweet Savannah. 

She contacted me and was so great to work with.  She requested a onesie, bib, and a burp cloth set.  I love the way that it all turned out.  My personal favorite is the onesie.  I got a little crazy cute with it and added the ruffles on the bottom.  I just felt like the onesie needed a little extra something.  

Jenny, thanks for your order and thanks for coming back for your baby gift needs!!!  I hope your BF adores her handmade goodies!!!  



This sweet bunny shirt is heading to Ms. Naomi Kate.  I used to teach with her Mom and she ordered NK a sweet shirt and a lanyard for herself.  I love all the pink!!  Thanks for your order Valerie!  I hope you love both orders!!!

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