March 2010

Yes, I just called my BLOG a SHOP…but honestly, it feels that way.

First of all, THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers.  I have created some amazing items with plenty more to come over the next couple of weeks and I am so thrilled to work with each of you to create something homemade and unique.

I plan to close the shop on April 1st.  I need time to catch up, enjoy my Spring Break from school, and not sew for a bit.

I will re-open the shop on Monday, April 19th.  At this point, the orders I will be taking will be VERY limited.  I am coming into my busiest season of planning a school Fun Run and Field Days (being a PE Teacher Full-Time) and honestly, I am wiped when I get home.  I am not sure yet if I will be taking only a certain number of orders or what, so I will inform you of that information as it gets closer to time. 

The MOM shirt that my sister owes are a HUGE hit.  I have 6 people on the waiting list and growing.  If you are interested in a MOM shirt, please shoot me an email.  Those that are already on the waiting list, PLEASE be thinking of what color shirt you would like, fabric choices (by using the fabric choice inventory tab at the top), and what size Adult shirt you would need.  Please feel free to email that info at any time.  Production of the MOM shirts will not start until after April 19th, and at this time I can NOT guantee shipping/delivery before Mother’s Day.  I will work very hard, but please be patient.

The sale shirt for April will be the MOM shirt found here in it’s original post.  They will be $25.00 shipped to your door. 

I will also be doing an amazing, AMAZING Giveaway starting on April 19th.  Wanna hint??? 

Let’s see…what else?  O…did you know that I have done approximately 29 Custom Initial Shirts and 18 R is for Bunny Rabbit Shirts...Yippee!!!  That thrills me.  Those shirts are so personal and sweet!  Love them!  They go off sale TONIGHT at midnight so if your interested, but get on it.  I am going to whip up my last ones this week…including one for this little girl…

I love you all.  Thank you for supporting my love and craft…and my family. 

maggie moo’s mom


This amazing order came from Elizabeth C…She saw my work at my sister’s consignment sale and placed 4 shirt orders.  The 4th shirt is not through production yet, but I had to go ahead and post the 3 that went out in the mail today.  First she wanted a sweet “a” custom initial shirt…Love that initial!  🙂

Next she wanted a R is for Bunny Rabbit shirt for her little girl as well.  Her little sweetie is set for a while!  This is sadly probably one of the last bunny shirts.  They have been so fun to make and I WANT pictures of all of the cuties wearing them for Easter this Sunday!

This last order gives me chills just to think about.  I cried the entire time I worked on it.  This was the line in the original email that made me drop to my knees and thank the Lord for my health…

I am also looking for something for a friend of mine.  She just had a double mastectomy last Friday and I would love some sort of breast cancer ribbon shirt for her.

Seriously, how precious is life.  My crazy aunt Jane that I just mentioned a couple of orders ago has had breast cancer and it is just wrong.  It is a TERRIBLE cancer and illness.  This ribbon stands for hope for “S”.  May God bless you and your battle of strength ahead.  Hopefully, this shirt will be a ray of sunshine on a dark day!

Thank you so much for your order Elizabeth…Hope you love them all!

I seriously don’t think you can get any cuter than this…

Natalie contacted me and really wanted a bunny shirt BUT she said…Alie, I have a boy…and I said…and I have a bow tie!  Presto…how sweet and handsome is he going to look on Easter sporting this sweet shirt.  I LOVE HOMEMADE…period!  Everytime I make something and think about a little one loving my work, it makes me wanna sew something for everyone I know!

Thanks for your love and support Natalie!  Hope Mr. Max loves it!!!

Remember this sweet shirt?  Well, Mr. Tate is growing so fast and his mommy wanted some yummy initial shirts for him.  She also ordered two other shirts and those are on the waiting list.  I love these patterns and so did Robin. 

Thanks so much for your order Mrs. R…I know Tate will look so handsome in these!

~~sorry for the dark pics…this is called finishing them at midnight and wanting pictures so I can deliver them~~

This next order went out to Melissa for her two girls…L and A.  She was awesome to work with and loved some previous designs so we rocked that out.

What about that sweet teacup fabric in the background?  You know my Maggie will be sporting a skirt in that this summer…too CUTE!

Thanks for your order Melissa.  Hope your girls love the shirts and they can love them for years to come!

This shirt was an amazing shirt to create.  A great, great woman that I have known for many years contacted me to create a special shirt for her little man, Daniel, who is turning 1 year old soon.  Jenna is a Christian, mom of Daniel and mom of one sugarbug on the way, an artist, and just a joy.  Jenna and I rode the bus together…seriously…all through elementary and middle and maybe even some high school together.  She was always so cheerful and happy to be around.  I have watched Mr. Daniel grow up through her blog and he is so handsome.  Jenna also does art…yummy art.  She makes precious creations for your little ones room, your home, pretty much whatever. 

Check out her blog and work here:

Daniel is having a polka-dot themed Lion party.  Jenna loved Connor the Lion that I did ages ago, but we had to make it more party and Daniel friendly.  That is exactly what I did.  It took me FOREVER to make this shirt.  It felt so good to get out the felt and just create and move around the mouth and so on.  It was just refreshing and “took me back to my roots” if you will.  Silly sounding, I know, but it is what it is.  I love the way this lion turned out.  It is cute, spunky, and full of personality…kinda like what I imagine Daniel to be.

Thanks for your order Jenna and Happy Birthday to Daniel!!!

This sweet onesie went to my aunt, my Crazy Aunt Jane.  She is actually my mom’s aunt, but she has always and will always just be my crazy aunt Jane.  She is amazing.  I walk the Susan G. Komen walk every year just for her and those tata’s of her’s that failed her so.  She is a gem…seriously! 

At any rate, she needed a custom baby gift for her preacher’s wife.  They are naming the baby girl Savannah and she LOVED this posting about the baby gift that I had done previously.  So she wanted the onesie just like it and that is exactly what I did! 
Thanks Crazy Aunt Jane…I love you!

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