I have received some of the sweetest emails over the past two months that I have been away from my sewing machine.  It has been quite the time “off” and away from the world of crafting.  What started as just a quick break from sewing to re-engerize and craft for myself, has turned into something so completely different.

Our very own Maggie Moo is going to be a BIG SISTER!

photo by daddy josh

We are very thrilled, but I not sure that we were prepared for the crazy, bumpy pregnancy that I am currently experiencing.  I am currently 3 months and 4 days pregnant…It has been a long 3 months and 4 days.  I have been very sick…sick-like including an ER trip for fluids, non-stop medication to control vomitting, and now a couple weeks off of work to rest and give my body a chance to relax.

Above all…we feel very blessed to have a sweet life joining our family on or before
May 5, 2011.  
Have I been crafting? no.  Did I do the craft shows I signed up for? sort of did one then had to leave half-way through to go home and just called and canceled the second one I was supposed to do next weekend.  Do I miss my sewing machine and creating cool things for total strangers, friends, and family? yes.  Is it totally worth it?  HECK YES!!! 

So I am thinking at the earliest, it will be after the new year before I am ready to sew again.  I will keep you all posted both here and FB if that date were to change.  Thank you all so much for your concern and love of my work. 
It means more than you know.