April 2010

So my amazing brother-in-law, Jonathan, left this afternoon for Haiti.  He has such a HUGE heart for missions…one that I admire.  There is a bunch of guys heading to Haiti to give themselves to the work that is needed there.  I wanted him to have something special to wear…not only so that he would have a shirt to wear, but to know that we are praying for him and the rest of the group of men.  


On the front of the shirt, it says
heart for Haiti 

On the back, there is an outline of the state of TN.  I knew that Jonathan was planning to leave all of his clothes there for the community in need.  I figured if he left this shirt, it might be nice for the shirt to remind the Haitian community that the people of Tennessee love them and are praying for them.  

Love you J.  Praying for your trip and your heart to pour out…


I love this shirt…and the child that received it…Karl is one of the two boys that Maggie goes to Mrs. Donna’s house with.  She loves Karl.  For a short period of time, she called Karl her boyfriend.  He is so adorable, I half-way didn’t mind.  He is white headed and blue eyed and is such a sweet boy. 

We attended his 4th birthday party yesterday and this is what Maggie gave him.  He LOVES turtles…LOVES!  It was perfect and I think his mommy loved it just as much as Karl did!

These lanyards are going to Florida…VERY SOON!  So sweet!

Congratulations to comment…..

….#6  SHANA!!!!

Shana Says:

If I won the give away, I would give a shirt to my on-line buddy, Robin. She is an amazing mother to 21 bio/adopted kids! She spent countless hours chatting with me about foster care adoptions. Now, I have 3 little sweeties tucked in bed asleep.

Shana…shoot me an email and we will start working on details.

Thank  you to all of you who entered.  I loved reading about your moms and how they have made a difference in your lives.

meet my mom…julie…juju

juju is an amazing mother.  She is my best friend and loves me unconditionally.  She has taught me to the the mother that I am today to Maggie.  I love my Mom.  Period.  She is my best.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to do a special giveaway.   You may remember the shirt that I made for my sister, Brea.  She is a Mom to the 5th power and I love that about her.  I want to pass on the Mother’s Day love to someone special.

This giveaway is not all about getting…it is about giving.  If your comment is the winner, you will receive your very own custom made mom shirt AS WELL as a custom mom shirt to give away! 

Here is the skinny and how to enter:

…Leave a comment telling me your favorite memory as a child with your Mom (or a motherly figure)…

…Leave me a comment telling me who you would give the custom shirt to and why…

…Blog, Facebook, Twitt about this giveaway…

…Become a Facebook Fan of Maggie Moo’s Mom here
Leave me a comment if you already are a Facebook Fan!

Please leave me a comment for each thing that you do for this giveaway.

PLEASE keep in mind that I am an equal-opportunity giveaway giver…If you know someone in your life that isn’t a “mom” but has been a motherly figure to you…that totally counts.  Anyone can enter…men, children, pets…etc!  🙂

Comments will close Friday night, April 23rd @ 10 p.m. and a WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER will be announced on Saturday, April 24th.

So remember, you can win a custom MOM shirt and a custom MOM shirt to give away to a special MOM in your life.

Good Luck!

…to see a child wearing my handmade work.  Makes even dark days, bright!

…and seriously, can you get any cuter than this brother/sister pair??

I love to create things for my family.  It just feels like an honor.  Period.  I loved it when my sister, Brea, said hey…could you hook me up with a gift set…She went to visit some friends that just adopted their second little angel and she wanted to give them a sweet handmade gift.

I was really excited to work this for her.  I have had MANY requests for a Big Sis or Big Bro shirt, but just haven’t done them in the past.  For my sister, how could I say no?

So here is the end result…She wanted a Big Bro shirt for the big brother and a custom bright initial shirt for the sweet new baby.  I love the colors on all of this…the little girl shirt reminds me of SPRING!!!  Yippee!!!

Thanks Brea!  Love you!

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