Hi! My name is Alison.  I am a wife to my wonderful hubby, Josh. I am a mother to an awesomely beautiful little girl, Maggie. I am also a mother to a sweet, but sometimes silly dog named Dexter Bing.

I am a full-time Physical Education Teacher at Walton Ferry Elementary School, which I love!!!

Three years ago for Christmas, my wonderful husband surprised me and said that Santa had brought me a present. We had both agreed to not exchange gifts that year, so I was really surprised when there was something under the tree from Santa. It was a huge box and very heavy. I had no idea what it could possibly be.
It was a sewing machine!

I had been playing with the idea of teaching/reteaching myself to sew. I took Home Economics in High School where Mrs. Fentress and Mrs. Williams taught me how to use a sewing machine. I will never forget that I made this adorable fleece pullover jacket in that class. It was really well made, I remember…I just picked a TERRIBLE pattern of fabric. I was really proud of myself though. My grandmother tried to teach me how to stitch, but I just liked what a machine could do better.

Anyway, he got me the sewing machine and I have been teaching myself every since. I love to make things, even if they are ugly. The first thing I made was a shirt for Dexter…It was bad. But I loved that I could “make” something out of a roll of fabric. That is where the love began.

So, I sew. That’s my story!



…allow me to introduce you to the little girl behind the name…

Her real name is Maggie Holland, but I have always called her “my little Maggie Moo.”  She was born on July 24th of 2007 and it was a day that has forever changed my life.  She was the sweetest, most peaceful little girl.  I felt a new love that day.  We came home on July 28, 2007 (which was actually my original due date) and then on July 30th, her daddy got really sick.  My husband, Josh, the other love of my life, went into Cardiac Arrest on July 30th and we almost lost him.  He was only 26 years old at the time and was also an ex-college basketball player.  He survived with the help of CPR and an AED and lives a perfectly healthy life today.  He has even gotten into photography.  He loves to capture life’s moments through the eyes of sweet Maggie. 

I started heavily sewing after he started to recover.  I needed a “release” and my sewing machine brought me that.  I loved to sit down and make something out of nothing.  I found a love for a new craft and I love to create special things for Maggie. 

I will never forget several moments throughout my life so far, but the day that Maggie was born, was one of the most amazing days of my life.

Thank you for peaking into my little world.

I would love to make something special for you.

Anything fun and funky, I am all over that!  Besides, that is what children are all about!