March 2008

…This shirt has to be my new FAVORITE!

This sweet shirt is heading out to Angie and her son Alex. She contacted me after seeing Parker’s shirt and wanted me to custom something special for her son. Alex and Parker are the best of buds. How cute are they going to be with their sweet Maggie Moo Original shirts on!?!

This shirt has a TON of detail, which I love to do and feel as though with more practice, I am getting better at. I backed this shirt with some adorable blue dots fabric, then some yummy chocolate felt, orange and white dot Amy Butler fabric (my favorite fabric designer ever!!!), cute facial features and some navy groovy buttons and Alex the Monkey came to life.

I loved making this shirt and hope that Alex loves wearing it! Thanks for your order Angie. I can’t wait to hear what you and Mr. Alex thinks of his new shirt!

A great teacher friend of mine is expecting her first baby this summer.

Her name is going to Harper.

She contacted me and asked if I could make Ms. Harper a sweet little girlie owl shirt. I think that it came out too cute and I just hope that Nicki and Don love it as much as I loved making it.
Harper has some adorable Chocolate Lollipop designer fabric for her body and face, hot pink fabric and soft pink felt for her wings, some cool brown embossed felt for the branch, and of course buttons for her eyes.

Thank you for your order, Nicki! I can’t wait to meet Ms. Harper. Your going to be such an amazing mommy. I am blessed to work with wonderful teachers, such as you.
I hope you love her!

I am THRILLED with all of my mentions lately. I have the best people in my life and some of the coolest the kiddos wearing and owning Maggie Moo Originals. It is such a humbling experience to read such nice words about you and your work.
Erin‘s sweet son received the Maggie Taggie Blanket with Parker the VW on it and LOVES it. She was so sweet with her mention about me on her blog with the adorable pictures of Finnegan with his blanket. I am so glad he loves it. Those blankets are so soft…I am thinking about making myself one!! 🙂

Here is a sweet picture of Finnegan asleep with his Maggie Taggie Blanket. Thanks Erin for your sweet mention and I am so glad that Finn loves it! To check out the rest of her mention, click HERE.

Erica, mom to Parker (Parker the VW w/ Surfboard) and Jazmyne (Ms. Edna, Themla, and Louise) left another sweet mention on her blog about me and my Maggie Moo Creations. Craziest thing, I ran into her and her sweet kiddos the other day at the Nashville Zoo and Ms. Jazmyne was wearing her adorable shirt.

Thank you, Erica, for your awesome mention! I am so glad that Jazmyne loves her shirt. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for your business! To read the rest of her mention, click HERE.

This sweet Maggie Taggie Blanket is for a very special little man.

Erin is a sister to one of my most favorite people in the world. I work with her sister, Beth, at one of my schools. Erin and I have never met, but Beth always tells me that I remind her of her sister…which she loves because she doesn’t get to see her that often. Erin’s little sweetie is Mr. Finnegan. He is adorable and through all the pictures that I have seen, has to have the best personality.

Erin contacted me to order a Maggie Taggie Blanket for him. She wanted an adorable “Parker the VW with surfboard” on top to accent one of the sides. I LOVE all the ribbons that I picked for this taggie. I think that blue and chocolate brown are too cute together. I carefully placed all the ribbons and triple stitched them down for added security. I used one of the ribbons for my logo tag and added some awesome buttons for the wheels on the VW and the rest was history.
These taggies are a ton of work…but, I love them. They are super-duper soft and Maggie loves her taggie blanket that I made her.

Thank you so much Erin for your order and business. I can’t wait to see little Finnegan with his taggie blanket. I hope you love it!

…I would love to custom make your little sweetie a Maggie Taggie Blanket

…I would also LOVE your feedback on this one…What do you think?…

Amy, Savannah’s mom, sent this adorable picture of her in her Georgia the Giraffe Maggie Moo Original shirt.

She said that Savannah never wants to sit still so this was the best she could get. I think it is pretty cute!

Thanks for sending it over Amy! I am thrilled that Savannah loves her shirt!

…Happy Easter…
Josh, Alie, and Maggie Moo
This awesome shirt is for the sister to adorable Parker…Jazmyne!
After receiving Parker’s shirt, Erica contacted me and wanted something special for her beautiful daughter Jazmyne. I think it turned out too cute! She is my sweet niece, Anna’s, age so it was so fun to create something for a older child/tween. She said that both her and her daughter had a great love for birds, which is right up my alley.

I hope that she loves it…
Thank you so much for your order, Erica.
I can’t wait to see pictures of Jazmyne and Parker together in their Maggie Moo Original creations!

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