November 2008

…this is what you are missing!  How sweet are these.  Everyone can use kitchen towels, especially ones that are embellished with beautiful designer fabric.  Let me know if you need any for gifts.  They make wonderful gifts for teachers, postmasters, hairdressers, etc.




Of course I am in love with the last few…anything with birds and I am sold.
Thanks for your orders ladies!  Hope you love them!


I am absolutely in love with this next creation.  I did a drawing a couple of weeks ago for a FREE skirt just for leaving a comment.  I had a great response with over 45 comments.  I loved reading all the comments and encouraging words about my work.  It has been an amazing road that this craft has taken me on.  I have come out of my shell towards promoting myself and what I can do, which was not easy for me.  I love to see Maggie enjoying the items that I have made for her and often wonder if she will grow to love the fact that her mommy made her items that were just for her. 


The winner of the free skirt was Rachel W.  She was so excited and she gave me free reign to do any fabrics or patterns that I wanted to!  That was so much fun!  Alie Grace is a bit older than my usual customers, but that made it even more fun because therefore the fabric had to be bigger and you got to see just how beautiful this skirt truly is.  I purchased this beautiful fabric from The Fabric Shoppe on Etsy.  Check it out as Jody has a wonderful selection of fabrics to choose from!




Rachel, I hope you love this skirt for years to come.  It truly was made with LOTS of love and thread!

This next set of November Customs is for Lesley T.  She contacted me for a November number for two owl shirts.  She has a little boy, Landon, and is expecting (congratulations again!) a little sweet girl in January.

She loves my owls and since she was also a member of the sorority that LOVES owls, this was right up her alley.  She asked me to make them somewhat coordinate and I just love them both. 

The little girl shirt ALMOST makes me want to have another baby.  The girlie owl is on a 0-3 month Gerber onesie and it is TINY!  I remember Maggie fitting in Preemie clothes when she was first born.  It is weird to do laundry and see how tiny her clothes still are, but then to realize that she was in TINY clothes…makes me sad.  I love both of these shirts and I hope that big brother to be Landon and the little owlie on the way love them as well!




Thanks so much Lesley!  Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


You may remember seeing this name recently.  Lilli’s mom, Nancy, contacted me to see if I could possible create Lilli a banner for her upcoming 1st Birthday.  Lilli is such a sweetie and is already the owner of one other Maggie Moo Mom’s Creation.  This banner was a ton of work, fabric, and time, but sooooo CUTE.  I hope you love it Nancy!  Thanks so much for your order!

…Erin contacted me back in July to see if I would be willing to create some custom shirts for her for Christmas presents.  Five shirts.  I gladly agreed as she gave me a ton of notice, was very detailed in what she wanted, etc.  She said it perfect…My nieces and nephews have enough toys and “stuff”…they would love a Maggie Moo Original.  This was so much fun.  To watch a shirt literally come to life is an amazing thing.

The first one is Parker the VW with Surfboard on top…



The next one is Edna, Thelma, and Louise…




I love the way that Edna looks in this one.  I am in love with Sandi Henderson fabrics right now…

Next is Lilly the Giant Flower…


Next is Luke the Owl…




Last is CoCo the Cupcake…


Love the buttons…of course!

Thanks so much for your orders Erin.  I can’t wait to hear what your nieces and nephews think of them.

I love to experiment with new projects.
Even if they turn out terrible the first couple of times that you do it, it is fun to me to just watch, work, and create something beautiful. I found an awesome pattern off of Etsy that teaches you step by step on how to create these fun Coloring Wallets. I made one for Maggie and absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. First of all, the apples fabric that I am using is by Sandi Henderson and it could not be any cuter. The little Coloring Caddy is so sweet and handy. Maggie loves it.

It will hold a small notebook some crayons (jumbo or regular size) and even has an extra compartment/pocket for the finished work to go.


This is the Caddy closed. It is held together by a button and a rubber band.


This is the inside of the Coloring Caddy. Love it!

So of course if I could make a coloring caddy, I figured I could work with the pattern and create a super cool list holder. I love to make lists. I do it, seriously, everyday so that I can get everything I need to get done…done. I love the way this List Caddy turned out. This is going to my awesome Mother…JuJu. My mom loves to make lists as much as I do and I thought she would love this fabric. I hope you love it JuJu!


Outside of the List Caddy with awesome vintage orange button and rubber band for closure.


Inside of List Caddy. Has a larger notebook on the right side and 3 separate compartments on the left. Two pen slots, another open spot for business cards and such, and a large opening at the top for lists to go.


My next project lately…Can you tell I have something brewing in my brain all the time…has been to create some super funky Christmas gifts for CHEAP. I know that may sound silly, but I honestly think that homemade gifts with taste are the best kind of gift there is. I have lately been working on my own design to make kitchen towels…cute. These are some yummy flour sack towels with some beautiful fabric attached. On the top there is a sweet loop made of ribbon for hanging. These are so fun and are super absorbent. Need one for some gifts…$4.00 each. Email me…you don’t need a number or comment for these!



I think they are going to make great office lady gifts, Sunday School teacher gifts, bus driver gifts, teacher gifts, any gifts…and they are cheap-o deep-o. Email me if you are interested in some.


…Since the Holiday season is upon us and I am in the mood to move out some items…

I am having a sale on items that I currently have in stock and are ready to ship.  Be sure to check the details of each item, as these items are currently made and ready to go!


$15.00 Shipped
Edna the Elephant on Chocolate Brown Koala Kids Shirt
6-9 Months Size 17-20 lbs. weight 26-28″ height


$15.00 Shipped
An Apple A Day Keeps The Worms Away Onesie
Gerber Brand Onesie
18 Month Size

$17.00 Shipped

Green and Brown Polk-a-Dot Shirt and Bib Set
18 Month Size Garanimals Brand Short Sleeve Shirt
6 Month Size White Bid with Birdie (large bib size)

More to come throughout the next couple of days so stayed tuned!

Leave a comment or email me if you are interested in any of these items before they go on Etsy.


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