August 2011

I created this sweet shirt for my sister, Brea.  I adore her.  She recently sold her a.m.a.z.i.n.g. children’s consignment sale to start a new journey in life.  She now works for an amazing Children’s Clothing Company, Matilda Jane Clothing.  She is a trunkkeeper and is ROCKIN’ it.  I wanted her to have a custom shirt to sport her first week of kick-off.  I saw a picture of her wearing it and it looked adorable!

So proud of you sister!  Love you!

The MOM to the 2nd power shirt and keyfob headed to Jennifer T. in TN.  I hope you love it Jennifer and sorry for the bad lighting of the picture.  Classic case of a quick pic just to ship! 

My sweet niece, Mary Elizabeth, turned 4 last Sunday.  She needed a custom shirt from Aunt Alie.  Mary is so fun, funky, and spunky.  I love her truly and couldn’t imagine Brea’s family without her in it.  She also happens to be my Maggie’s BF.  Maggie adores her.  period.  If you are around sweet Mary for longer than a minute, you will understand.  She is awesome with a capital A.  Love you Mary!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

And last but not least…A sweet number 4 shirt for my own Maggie Moo.  She LOVES blue.  Period.  If anything in her drawers is clean and it is blue, that is what she wears.  She colors in blue.  She wants a blue cup.  She eats on blue plates, with blue utensils, and loves blue balloons.  You get the idea.  I love this sweet shirt.  I still can’t believe my baby is 4.  Where has time gone?!


Sweet kitchen cup towels…O how they will make your kitchen super duper adorable.

These towels were ordered for gifts, to decorate a bathroom, and I even gave some away to some lovey’s in my life to welcome them to their new homes.  Love them. 

I do love me some lanyards.  They are crazy picky to create, but they are so fun.  The end result always makes me smile. 

These lanyards were created for some locals as well as some other customers in other states.  Super FUN and super colorful!  Thank you all for your orders of lanyards. 

They are a MUST have if you teach! 
Enjoy all the colorful goodness I worked on throughout the summer!

 I am a bit behind…Can you tell?  I am going to play catch up for a while.  It is mainly because this summer, I would create,

take a quick picture, then ship the items out…No time for blogging.  Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get back in the


Here are some super fun keyfobs…They went all over the USA!  So awesome!