June 2009

This adorable shirt is going to Ms. Harper, who is the daugther of an awesome girl I used to teach with.  Harper is turning one and is a super cool little girl.  Nicki wanted an elephant holding a balloon with a one on it.  I think we got it and it turned out really sweet. 

Thanks so much for your order Nicki!  I can’t wait to see pictures of Sweet Harper!





This awesome caddy was made custom for Erin.  She contacted me after catching my blog from a friend and wanted a custom creation of her own.  She picked out these fabrics and I love the way it turned out. 

Thanks so much for your order Erin!



My best friend Lyndsey called me from the camp that she is serving at this summer and had a special request.  She and her director, Meredith, have to have keys on them at all times and they kept losing them.  They are directors at Centri-Kid Camps for Children and they are rocking it out!

She asked if I was up to the challenge of creating some one-of-a-kind lanyards for them to wear around their necks so they never had to look for keys again.  I said…SURE!  Since I teach PE, I have a whistle on at all times and have never thought of creating one of these for myself…silly me!!!  I LOVE THEM and so did they!  I remember when I lived in Maine and taught tennis, getting a package was the closest thing to Heaven. 

These lanyards can be used for keys, ID badges, whistles, you name it. 

$15.00 each if interested in one, just let me know.DSC04457



Kaylor Brooke is the daughter to one of my awesome friends, Courtney.  Ms. Kaylor was turning one and of course a huge first birthday present was up my sleeve.  I wanted her to have a custom Maggie Moo’s outfit, which was so fun, especially since her mommy is super creative as well.

I loved the way it turned out.  We were not able to make it to Kaylor’s party because we were in Indiana so Maggie and I delivered it early and watching Courtney open it was worth all the work.  She loved it!  I can’t wait to see pics of Kaylor sporting it!  (hint, hint Court)





This awesome mom, Erica, contacted me again because she is expecting a sweet buddle of joy soon.  Easton is going to be the lucky brother of Parker and Jazyme.  They are two of my best customers.  I love to create things for this family!  They have the best mom!

Erica, thanks so much for your order!  I can’t wait to fill Mr. Easton’s closet with some Maggie Moo Originals!  Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!




These burpcloths are so fun, different, and thick!

I have some ready to ship or delivery if you need a quick and cheap baby gift!

$10 each


This adorable gumball machine shirt is going to Ms. Mary Hays.  Her mom is an all-star and contacted me again this year to do Mary’s birthday shirt.  Last year, she got an adorable doggie shirt.  This year’s theme was a gumball machine!  I loved the thought of making this and it was so fun to do!

Thanks so much for your order Beth!  I wanna see pictures!!!