Today was an awesome day in sewing world.  I got a ton accomplished with high hopes for another successful day tomorrow! 

Here are 3 of the lanyards I completed today…I still have about 6 on my list (and growing), but I love these.  One is going to a buyer on Etsy, one to a 16 year old that is in love with funky fabrics, and one to my BF for a gift! 
Thanks so much ladies…hope you love your new accessory!

This Strap Wrap is going to my JuJu.  Thanks so much JuJu and for being such an amazing support for all of my random creations.  I know your going to love it!  I love you!  Very Much!


This sweet shirt has gone to Chasity who also ordered the Snow White shirt and lanyard from me.  This shirt is going to her Mother-in-Law for a total for 4 grandchildren. 

I hope that she loves it Chas!  Thanks for your support and orders! 

I forgot to post a picture of Chasity’s new lanyard!  Hope you love it!

The lanyards are totally catching on!  They are soo much fun to wear and they go with everything!  Hope you enjoy your lanyards ladies…Katie, Annie, and Valerie.

Thank you for your orders and support!