I am so excited about the orders I have been working on lately.  While I struggle to find time to take good pictures (I apologize in advance…the pictures are rough!) before I package up my finished orders, I love seeing all the finished products come together.  Things have been going smoothly at the Harris Household.  I am exactly 2 weeks away from my C-Section date to deliver Mr. Baden and we are getting quite ready.  I have officially finished all of my current orders, so I am going to work on an item for my BF and then some items for Baden and Maggie Moo! 

Now for some recent orders.  The first order was placed by Krista S. in TN.  She is one of my favorite co-workers and I just adore her sweet spirit.  She ordered several things from me.  First up…a MOM to the 2nd power shirt and then sweet little Africa shirts with some adorable little boys’ initials in them.  Her brother and sis-in-law just returned from Ethopia with their twins Elijah and Isiah and Krista wanted them to have some special clothing pieces to sport at their meet-and-greet they held for family and friends.  I love how the MOM matched the little boys.  Such a great idea! 

I hope the shirts were a huge hit Krista!

Then Krista also ordered a sweet MOM to the 3rd power shirt for herself.  Her sweet children all have some custom Maggie Moo’s Mom items, so it was time for MOM to treat herself.  Thank you Krista for all your orders and support!

These super fun keyfobs headed all over the place!  MN to TN, they were all super cute and were fun to create!

Some went to one of my favorite customers in MN, Annie, while others were doorprize giveaways at my sister’s recent Children’s Consignment Sale.  Thank you ladies!

This next order set went to Sarah A. in TN.  Sarah has also been a great “customer” over the years and was one of the first girls to love my keyfobs!  She contacted me about creating a very special birthday present for her upcoming birthday girl daugther.  She wanted me to create a custom Bible cover for her. 

I have made a couple of these before.  I just sat down one day and drew up a pattern and it came to life.  I have one, my sweet niece has one, and a few others.  They are super tricky to make, but the outcome is beautiful.  Sarah’s little girl even picked out her own fabric so that was fun!

{outside of bible cover}

{inside of bible cover with custom pocket}

I love how the cover came out and I believe that the birthday girl loved it as well!

Sarah also ordered this adorable shirt for her youngest son, Lincoln.  He LOVES sports balls so when Sarah suggested something with sporting balls (mainly baseball) this idea came to life.  I love how the 5 baseballs create one stick of the “L” and the bat creates the other.  Super fun and super cute!  Totally original and I hope that Lincoln can sport it for a while to come.

Thank you so much for both of your orders Sarah!  I really appreciate your constant support of my craft!

Well, that about wraps it up for now.  I have more pics on my camera that I have finished, but this was a good start.  Thank you for all that constantly support this little craft of mine.  I love it.  I love everything about it.  I am so thankful that others do too.

Have a great Thursday!


In between some doctor’s appointments in Nashville recently, I had the opportunity to go visit my FAVORITE fabric store and RACKED up.  I mainly got some boy fabrics for a huge project I am planning for Baby Baden’s room, but I did manage to pick up some sweet fabrics for other projects as well.  Hope you like them!


{just a side note…these two fabrics above look amazing together!!}

 Also, all of the February Custom Spots are FULL.  I am still open for making keyfobs at any time though so just let me know if you are interested in placing an order for those! 

Happy Thursday!

We have a WINNER!  Thank you so much for all that entered for the free lanyard!  I was pulling for all of you…

The winner is…

Comment #33…

I’m a fan on FB!!

Congratulations Annie H…You are the winner!  You have a super excited email from me waiting on you! 

I will host another giveaway soon so remember to be a Facebook fan to be on top of all the latest updates!

For the Feb. Custom Spots…I have 1 left.  If you are interested in a custom spot, just shoot me an email at

Also, there is space for 1 custom lanyard spot if you are super bummed you didn’t win…I can make you one of your own! 

Happy Friday!

Wow! That seems to be the only word that comes to mind when I think back over the past couple of months. Here is a quick update…

I am currently 6 months 3 weeks pregnant with our son-to-be, Baden David Harris. He is growing and doing great (trust me, I have a ton of ultrasounds to confirm that he is doing great!). I have returned to work and so far doing great.  I did have the chance to finish up some orders that I took forever ago that I am just in love with (pictures of those projects were uploaded Sunday – check them out below).

The most requested item that I have noticed since I have been away from my crafting table are the LANYARDS. It is like they have officially caught on. Seems like people are loving them and needing them in bulk. That wouldn’t be such an issue except they take about 2 hours each to create with love. With that being said, I am raising the price just slightly to $20.00 each plus $2.00 shipping for the lanyards. Totally worth the extra couple of bucks. I am going to try a new way of selling the lanyards this time though and only sell them as they are ready to ship.  I feel this will be better than getting way far behind.

I am planning on listing the “ready to ship” lanyards on my Facebook page only.  There will only be a limited number of them ready every month, so if your really wanting one, be sure you have “liked” my Maggie Moo’s Mom Facebook Page by clicking HERE

In the meantime, why not give one AWAY for FREE!  Yes, a free-ready-to-ship-to-the-lucky-winner lanyard!  All adorable with some fun Spring-like colors. 

Here are the details and how to comment {there are many ways to win}:

1.  Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite Spring colors are. 
2.  Become a Facebook fan of Maggie Moo’s Mom by clicking HERE (leave one comment here to let me know your a fan).
3.  Subscribe to this blog by signing up your email address on the right-hand side (leave one comment that you did).
4.  Facebook, Twitter, Blog about the giveaway of the lanyard (leave one comment that you did for each that you accomplished)
So plenty of fun ways to enter.  Giveaway will end on Thursday, Feb. 3rd at midnight and a winner will be announced Friday!  Good luck!

{And for those interested in placing an order with me, I am opening up 4 custom spots per month for any custom items (keyfobs, shirts, burp cloths, etc.).  I will also open up some custom lanyard spots as they are available and time allows.  Any questions or to place an order for an item, shoot me an email …  alihol@hotmail.com}

I have received some of the sweetest emails over the past two months that I have been away from my sewing machine.  It has been quite the time “off” and away from the world of crafting.  What started as just a quick break from sewing to re-engerize and craft for myself, has turned into something so completely different.

Our very own Maggie Moo is going to be a BIG SISTER!

photo by daddy josh

We are very thrilled, but I not sure that we were prepared for the crazy, bumpy pregnancy that I am currently experiencing.  I am currently 3 months and 4 days pregnant…It has been a long 3 months and 4 days.  I have been very sick…sick-like including an ER trip for fluids, non-stop medication to control vomitting, and now a couple weeks off of work to rest and give my body a chance to relax.

Above all…we feel very blessed to have a sweet life joining our family on or before
May 5, 2011.  
Have I been crafting? no.  Did I do the craft shows I signed up for? sort of did one then had to leave half-way through to go home and just called and canceled the second one I was supposed to do next weekend.  Do I miss my sewing machine and creating cool things for total strangers, friends, and family? yes.  Is it totally worth it?  HECK YES!!! 

So I am thinking at the earliest, it will be after the new year before I am ready to sew again.  I will keep you all posted both here and FB if that date were to change.  Thank you all so much for your concern and love of my work. 
It means more than you know.

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking a much needed break from the sewing orders world.  I have been so incredibly blessed by all of my wonderful customers and have created some of my most favorite items yet!  I have recently started back to school and I am overwhelmed with teaching full-time, coming home to be a mommy to 3 yr. old-full-of-energy Maggie Moo, and just being ME! 

I will not be taking orders for a while.  I am *hoping* to reopen for orders and customs in October, but I am not 100% sure I will be ready yet.  I will keep you posted. 

Will I continue sewing?  Yes!!!  In fact, I will be spending my time creating lovies for my home, my Maggie, and me.  I have several projects in limbo that I need to finish.  I will also be getting ready for some CRAZY AWESOME fall Craft Shows that I will build inventory for. 

Thank you to all of you that love my family and my craft.  Your love means more than you will know!  I will continue to update Facebook and this blog as I complete the few last orders on my book…

Until next time…

Alison & M3

Check out ADORABLE Penny in her popsicle shirt!  Too sweet! 
Thank you Erin for sending me the pictures!  Made my day!

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