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I am so excited about the orders I have been working on lately.  While I struggle to find time to take good pictures (I apologize in advance…the pictures are rough!) before I package up my finished orders, I love seeing all the finished products come together.  Things have been going smoothly at the Harris Household.  I am exactly 2 weeks away from my C-Section date to deliver Mr. Baden and we are getting quite ready.  I have officially finished all of my current orders, so I am going to work on an item for my BF and then some items for Baden and Maggie Moo! 

Now for some recent orders.  The first order was placed by Krista S. in TN.  She is one of my favorite co-workers and I just adore her sweet spirit.  She ordered several things from me.  First up…a MOM to the 2nd power shirt and then sweet little Africa shirts with some adorable little boys’ initials in them.  Her brother and sis-in-law just returned from Ethopia with their twins Elijah and Isiah and Krista wanted them to have some special clothing pieces to sport at their meet-and-greet they held for family and friends.  I love how the MOM matched the little boys.  Such a great idea! 

I hope the shirts were a huge hit Krista!

Then Krista also ordered a sweet MOM to the 3rd power shirt for herself.  Her sweet children all have some custom Maggie Moo’s Mom items, so it was time for MOM to treat herself.  Thank you Krista for all your orders and support!

These super fun keyfobs headed all over the place!  MN to TN, they were all super cute and were fun to create!

Some went to one of my favorite customers in MN, Annie, while others were doorprize giveaways at my sister’s recent Children’s Consignment Sale.  Thank you ladies!

This next order set went to Sarah A. in TN.  Sarah has also been a great “customer” over the years and was one of the first girls to love my keyfobs!  She contacted me about creating a very special birthday present for her upcoming birthday girl daugther.  She wanted me to create a custom Bible cover for her. 

I have made a couple of these before.  I just sat down one day and drew up a pattern and it came to life.  I have one, my sweet niece has one, and a few others.  They are super tricky to make, but the outcome is beautiful.  Sarah’s little girl even picked out her own fabric so that was fun!

{outside of bible cover}

{inside of bible cover with custom pocket}

I love how the cover came out and I believe that the birthday girl loved it as well!

Sarah also ordered this adorable shirt for her youngest son, Lincoln.  He LOVES sports balls so when Sarah suggested something with sporting balls (mainly baseball) this idea came to life.  I love how the 5 baseballs create one stick of the “L” and the bat creates the other.  Super fun and super cute!  Totally original and I hope that Lincoln can sport it for a while to come.

Thank you so much for both of your orders Sarah!  I really appreciate your constant support of my craft!

Well, that about wraps it up for now.  I have more pics on my camera that I have finished, but this was a good start.  Thank you for all that constantly support this little craft of mine.  I love it.  I love everything about it.  I am so thankful that others do too.

Have a great Thursday!


Krista, mom to adorable Gray and Wade, sent me this picture of the boys sporting their new M3 shirts.  I created these sweet “Big Bro” shirts for them as they await the arrival of their baby sister, Anna Kate.  They recently took a family vacation to the beach and Krista let them sport their new shirts for the first time in the sand.  According to Krista, the boys were very proud of their shirts and nothing could thrill me more.

Thank you Krista…I adore you! 

Two little boys are going to be big brothers very soon.   A very sweet teacher at my school is due with her third child, a sweet little girl, Anna Kate.  I created Anna Kate a custom onesie for her recent baby shower.  Way before that, like way before, Krista asked me if I could make Grey and Wade some “big bro” shirts.  Krista is so thrilled to be having a little girl, and so is the rest of the WFE family.  I love the way these sweet shirts came out.  I can just see her sons wearing these and looking so sweet! 

Thanks so much for your order Krista!  Sorry it took a lightyear to finish!!!  I can’t wait to see all the kiddos sporting M3 goodies!  Best wishes for a great delivery. 

This sweet onesie went to a 2nd grade teacher at my school.  Her baby shower for her upcoming arrival was held yesterday and Ms. Anna Kate should be making her appearance in August.  I loved the way this onesie turned out.  I love the sweet vintage feel of these fabrics.  I can’t wait for her to sport it while her big brothers will be sporting their “big bro” shirts that are also in the works. 

Congrats Krista!!!  Sure will miss you, but know that you will have an amazing little girl to spend lots of time with!!