This might be one of the hardest postings I have ever had to do on this blog. 

These pictures have been in my camera for over a month, I just knew the words to this posting were going to be so hard…I have been avoiding it at all costs.  But, it is time. 

These three shirts are very dear to my heart.  They are for three very special women in my life.  Katie is a teacher at my school and teaches the cutest bunch of Kindergarteners I have ever seen.  She is amazing at what she does…and if you have a Kindergarten child, you need to shower your child’s teacher with love everyday.  They work their fannies off!  Katie has two sisters, Cassie and Carrie.  Their mom is Mrs. Venable. 

Mrs. Sandy Venable is a retired Kindergarten teacher from Sumner County that taught and touched lives for over 30 years.  Mrs. Sandy has loved the “girls” at WFE for quite some time now.  I, personally, adore Mrs. Venable because she has a love for all things JUNK…She loves to go junkin’, antique mallin’, and flea marketin’.  That is my kind of Momma. 
Over the summer, I got word from Katie that Mominor (that is what Mrs. Venable’s grandchildren call her and like everyone calls my Mom, JuJu…it just stuck!) had Breast Cancer.  We were all devistated.  Those two words are nothing but dangerous to hear.  They can do no good and attack even the strongest of women.  Mominor had a double mastectomy on August 3rd and has been in hospital re-hab care ever since.  She was deemed to have Stage 2 Breast Cancer and plans to make a full recovery. 

I had told Katie that I wanted to make some shirts for her family to wear to show support when Mrs. Venable came out of surgery.  Apparently, they were a huge hit and the sisters are planning to wear them often. 

Katie has always been an extremly special person to me.  I knew when I met her at school that we were meant to be friends.  Together with the rest of my faculty and friends, we will be walking in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk in Brentwood, TN on October 9.  Mominor will rise above this.  She just will.  She is stronger than it, loves the Lord to much not to, and has so many wonderful people that love and bless her.

I thought the sisters would love a matching Keyfob to go with their new shirts!

…me & Katie…