I love birthday shirts…I just do.  To know that a little boy or girl is going to be sporting my loves on the best day of their life…makes it all worth it. 
Ashley contacted me for a super cool racecar shirt for her son, Aiden’s, 4th birthday.  She was very specific about her thoughts, which I am a detail freak, so that was perfect!  She knew she wanted a cool racecar, some flames coming off the ground behind the car, and a racecar flag with Aidan’s new age on it!  Best of all, she was super sweet and friends with Parker’s mom, Erica!  I knew this was going to be a fun project!


Aiden had his birthday last Saturday and I am itching for pictures!  (hint, hint) 

Thanks so much Ashley for your order and being so great to work with. 
I can’t wait to get working on your little sweetie’s shirt!!