I love NEW ideas.  I have had this idea rolling around for a while, and actually made one of these for my car forever ago…Well, they are amazing and recently made a new one for myself after I thought about what I really needed and wanted from the Strap Wrap. 

So…what is a Strap Wrap?  It is a wrap that goes around your seat belt in your car. 

How did they come about?  My husband’s seat belt tends to rub right on, I mean right on, his defibrillator while he is driving.  I hated that for him so I thought what about something that would pad that area.  Then I just had to make it cute…I mean, why not?

So this is the finished product…
A Maggie Moo’s Strap Wrap! I love it.  You don’t realize how nice it is to have right on your selt belt.  You just get in, put on your seat belt, and adjust the strap wrap up to wear it is comfortable.  No rubbing, no red marks on your shoulder, etc.  It is super easy to go on and off.  Made with quality velcro and designer fabrics!

To celebrate how much I love these…I am giving one away.  You will love it.  Period.  I promise!

Here are a couple of examples of some that I have been working on.  The top on is the promo, the bottom two are awesome!  I hope you love the concept.  It is something I am super excited about. 

So how can you enter for a Custom Strap Wrap all your own?  Couple of different ways…

1.  Leave a comment on this post! I would love to know what your most exciting memory has been from summer so far!

2.  Facebook about this giveaway for an extra entry.

3.  Blog about this giveaway for an extra entry.

Please just make sure you leave me one comment for each entries you do! 

Giveaway will run NOW through Friday night (July 2nd) and one winner will be drawn randomly and announced Saturaday morning!

Good luck!