This shirt seriously ROCKS MY WORLD.  When an amazing mom, Hope, contacted to me to organize Lauren’s hawaiian themed birthday shirt, she said she wanted a second shirt.  She really didn’t care what it had on it, but her daughter loves dogs, cats, and horses.  Then I stopped and thought about what Maggie loves…at age almost 3.  Honestly, I know Dexter the dog and Bunny her soft pink bunny, but other than that, she is not obessed with anything else right now, except for how much she HATES flies!

Anyway, when Hope said cats…I thought O HECK YES!  You see, this shirt means so much more to me.  Mack is a great, great friend of mine.  She was my former assistant principal at my former school and we became close friends and in many ways, she was an amazing mentor for me!  Her nickname quickly became Mack and it has stuck ever since.  I adore her.  She jokingly said to me one day…I am waiting for you do to a Mack the Cat shirt…No need to wait anymore.  Her she is.  I love her.  Maggie loves her.  I will do one of these for my Maggie, seeing as she tried to put this one on and didn’t want me to ship it in the mail.  Not at all! 

Thanks so much for your order Hope and for the freedom to do this shirt.  Mack, I hope you love it!