Okay, so let me explain…

One of my sister’s friends, Chasity, contacted me about a custom shirt for her daughter, Katie.  Katie recently had a Snow White birthday party and she wanted a custom shirt for her to wear throughout the summer, since she was wearing her Snow White costume for the party.

To be totally honest, I wasn’t too sure about doing a Snow White shirt.  Disney characters, well any characters for that matter, are so detailed…so, so detailed.  The way I work felt and fabric is not the best for those super small, yet super important details.

At any rate, I went for it.  Snow White came to life seriously before my very eyes.  It took me FOREVER!  Seriously, forever…like I worked on her several days a week cutting and making sure it looked right and that Ms. Katie would adore her.  Each piece is hand cut, hand pieced, and most hand sewn. 

I will admit it was hard to drop this shirt off at Chasity’s house.  I wanted to just hold and pet it all day.  But at the end of the day, Katie LOVED it, put it on immediately, and it made her smile!  That is what mattered most! 
But sadly, I won’t attempt another character in my days…that I know of…of course, then my Maggie wondered where her NO WHITE shirt went…I guess since she looked at it for so long, she thought it was for her. 

Thanks Chasity for your order and for Katie’s excitement.  I don’t ever want to seem ungrateful for any order, just consider your shirt 1 of 1.  🙂