Mother’s Day is such a special day.

So is Mrs. Donna.  Mrs. Donna is the wonderful, Christian lady that keeps our Maggie while Josh and I are at school.  We found Mrs. Donna through a sub teacher/parent at my former school.  It was totally a God thing.  Mrs. Donna has watched, loved, and taught Maggie since August of 2008.  She is a part of our family…seriously, I thank God for her most days of my life.  She has circle time with Maggie, loves on her when she is missing us (which is RARE), gives her meds, and honestly, just raises her in her Christian home.  I have trusted Mrs. Donna from the first day I met her.  She has such a beautiful peace about her and I know that she will always be a special person to Maggie. 

Since last week was Teacher Appreciation week and Friday was so close to Mother’s Day, we surprised Mrs. Donna with a gift every other day last week.  Monday, she got a keyfob for her sweet new Vera Bradley purse…On Wednesday, she got a gift card to Hobby Lobby (she is super crafty).  Friday was the big day…She got a Mom of 2 shirt.  Mrs. Donna looks beautiful in blue and I LOVE this Amy Butler fabric…It was a great combination.  So, here is Mrs. Donna’s very own Mom shirt. 

It almost brought tears to my eyes when she saw it and understood what it was.  She loves that I craft and I love that she crafts.  She makes her son, CJ, the cutest PJ’s all the time.  We love you Mrs. Donna.  Thank you for loving our Maggie.  It means more than you will ever know.

This is the sweet boys that Maggie spends her day with.  How sweet are they.  CJ and Karl are her best friends.  Just ask her!