…this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week?  Even with the flooding and who knows when we will return to school, take 3 minutes and show your child’s teacher some extra love.  Being a teacher myself, it has never been about “what” children get me…it has always meant more to me that my students cared enough to love me enough to want to make me feel special. 

My sister, Brea, ordered these 13 keyfobs for her children’s teachers.  What a great idea!  Teachers love anything they receive, but let’s face it…flowers die and you can only have so much chocolate…A keyfob will last them until they need a new car.  Why not give your child’s teacher something that is fun, funky, and USABLE!

Just a reminder…Keyfobs are $6.00 shipped to your door.  Usually 1 day turn-around on these!  Let me know if you need some.  Whether it be a keyfob or anything homemade, show some love and support to your child’s teacher!!

Thanks for your order Sis!  Love you!