So my amazing brother-in-law, Jonathan, left this afternoon for Haiti.  He has such a HUGE heart for missions…one that I admire.  There is a bunch of guys heading to Haiti to give themselves to the work that is needed there.  I wanted him to have something special to wear…not only so that he would have a shirt to wear, but to know that we are praying for him and the rest of the group of men.  


On the front of the shirt, it says
heart for Haiti 

On the back, there is an outline of the state of TN.  I knew that Jonathan was planning to leave all of his clothes there for the community in need.  I figured if he left this shirt, it might be nice for the shirt to remind the Haitian community that the people of Tennessee love them and are praying for them.  

Love you J.  Praying for your trip and your heart to pour out…