I never thought I could love a kid like I love Parker…the catch…I have never met him.  EVER!  (well, except for the 10 seconds at the zoo one day)  At any rate, Parker is a cool dude.  He has a closet full of Maggie Moo wears and his sister has a shirt and his new younger brother has a shirt…remember him

When his sweet Mom, Erica, contacted me to get in on last months special for an initial shirt for Parker, I said…awesome, but just let me do it and trust me.  She said YES!  YIPPEE!  I went to work.  This shirt is patchworked to pieces and has a sweet, suttle “P” off to one side. 

Thanks Erica…I can’t wait to continue to create for your family.  What a beautiful family you have…and do I hear a photo shoot with my hubby is in the works?