This amazing order came from Elizabeth C…She saw my work at my sister’s consignment sale and placed 4 shirt orders.  The 4th shirt is not through production yet, but I had to go ahead and post the 3 that went out in the mail today.  First she wanted a sweet “a” custom initial shirt…Love that initial!  🙂

Next she wanted a R is for Bunny Rabbit shirt for her little girl as well.  Her little sweetie is set for a while!  This is sadly probably one of the last bunny shirts.  They have been so fun to make and I WANT pictures of all of the cuties wearing them for Easter this Sunday!

This last order gives me chills just to think about.  I cried the entire time I worked on it.  This was the line in the original email that made me drop to my knees and thank the Lord for my health…

I am also looking for something for a friend of mine.  She just had a double mastectomy last Friday and I would love some sort of breast cancer ribbon shirt for her.

Seriously, how precious is life.  My crazy aunt Jane that I just mentioned a couple of orders ago has had breast cancer and it is just wrong.  It is a TERRIBLE cancer and illness.  This ribbon stands for hope for “S”.  May God bless you and your battle of strength ahead.  Hopefully, this shirt will be a ray of sunshine on a dark day!

Thank you so much for your order Elizabeth…Hope you love them all!