This shirt was an amazing shirt to create.  A great, great woman that I have known for many years contacted me to create a special shirt for her little man, Daniel, who is turning 1 year old soon.  Jenna is a Christian, mom of Daniel and mom of one sugarbug on the way, an artist, and just a joy.  Jenna and I rode the bus together…seriously…all through elementary and middle and maybe even some high school together.  She was always so cheerful and happy to be around.  I have watched Mr. Daniel grow up through her blog and he is so handsome.  Jenna also does art…yummy art.  She makes precious creations for your little ones room, your home, pretty much whatever. 

Check out her blog and work here:

Daniel is having a polka-dot themed Lion party.  Jenna loved Connor the Lion that I did ages ago, but we had to make it more party and Daniel friendly.  That is exactly what I did.  It took me FOREVER to make this shirt.  It felt so good to get out the felt and just create and move around the mouth and so on.  It was just refreshing and “took me back to my roots” if you will.  Silly sounding, I know, but it is what it is.  I love the way this lion turned out.  It is cute, spunky, and full of personality…kinda like what I imagine Daniel to be.

Thanks for your order Jenna and Happy Birthday to Daniel!!!