This seriously might be one of my favorite initial shirts…I have one favorite boy one and now have a favorite girl one!

This fabric is very…well…expensive.  If you craft, you will understand when I say that I purchased it from Textile Fabrics in Nashville.  But OH I just had to have it because I have a little something up my sleeve for my Maggie.  Anyway, my own mom, JUJU, needed a gift for a friend that she will be seeing in a couple of weeks.  I believe that this shirt is for her granddaughter.  Her sweet name is Olivia.  When I found this purple shirt (which I am LOVIN’ all the spring short sleeve colored shirts this season!!!) I knew I wanted to use this fabric.  It looks beautiful.  The pictures just don’t do it justice. 

It is a combination of vintagely love with spring fun!  Thanks for your order JuJu…You know I completely love you!