Post #200 has to be a AWESOME one right??

To say that I love my sister, might be the understatement of the year.  Sure we are sisters and we have our differences, but she is truly one of the funniest, coolest people I know.  She is not only my sister, she is a Christian, a wife to my amazing BIL, and a mommy to 5 beautiful and amazing children.  Yes, five.  My friends.  Comes after 4 and before 6.  5.

Anna is 11 and is just amazing.  I had the honor of escorting her to her Upwards Awards banquet on Tuesday night and she seriously was shining.  Isaac and Luke are 8 and have so much ahead of them in life.  They are not only identical twins, but they love each other more than two brothers ever could.  Mary Elizabeth AKA…Maggie’s little Best Friend…is 2.5 yrs. and came into our family through Domestic Adoption.  Joshua Tucker is going to be 1 in May and is the happiest little boy I know.  He also entered into the family through Domestic Adoption.  So are you tired yet. 
Well, buckle your seatbelt.

Brea is also the owner and creator of Encores and More North Children’s Consignment Sale here in the local Rivergate/Hendersonville/Madison area.  To say that she ROCKS at that sale is purely not a strong enough word.  She has worked so hard to create an environment for people (both moms and dads) to come sale their gently used goodies and make some money towards new items for their children.  This concept was so unclear to me before I had Maggie.  To be totally honest, I didn’t understand it or give it the respect it deserved.  This sale, which starts on Saturday for the general public, has over 850 consignors, workers that are amazing, a space that is perfect (although may be getting to small) and a Godly woman as the leader of the pack.  My family is truly blessed by this sale.  We not only sale Maggie’s older goodies, but we buy for the next season and get awesome deals at the same time.

I wanted Brea to have a Maggie Moo’s Original shirt to sport while being at the sale to show her how proud I am of her.  I was sitting at my craft table and grab a priority box and was dying to try to think of something to do for her.  I wrote out the word MOM and then wanted to say just a bit more.  My hubby, Josh, is a math teacher and he was talking about some math problem and I thought…BRILLANCE!!!  Mom to the 5th Power!

I hope that Brea will love it for years to come.  I love her and I am so PROUD to call her my sister and one of my very best friends.  She is such an amazing woman…I love you Brea!

I will be offering these shirts for sale coming up in April.  If your interested in one and want to get on a waiting list, just shoot me an email at  These shirts will be my April Sale Shirt as Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  They will be $25.00 total in sizes available Adult Small through Adult XLarge.