This shirt order was super exciting for me.  My brother-in-law has only a few loves in this world besides his Lord, wife, and kiddos…but one that ranks very high on his list is Music.  I am totally speaking for J, but I do know this information for sure.  We both love to have the “latest” cool tunes on our Ipods and keep each other in the loop often about what we are listening to.  Secretly, I love that we have that in common.  I feel it brings us closer together.

So how does this shirt have anything to do with my BIL…well, one of his favorite tunes is by a man named Aaron Ivey.  If you haven’t heard of him…YOU SHOULD GO RIGHT NOW AND LISTEN.  He is an amazing Christian music artist based out of TX.   He is married to Jamie, who contacted me for this adorable shirt for her niece…Z.  I love the way it turned out and I also love that this mom of 4 is SOOOO ahead of the ballgame that she is ordering this shirt that she doesn’t even need until September!  Seriously…You go girl. 

Jamie, I hope you adore the shirt for your niece and please tell your hubby to keep rockin!!!  We love him here in TN.  Thank you for your business and support for my craft!