There is such a story with this shirt. 
If you have ever met my Maggie, you have met her Bunny.  Recently, her bunny rabbit who was always been referred to as “Bunny” has now been named Bunny Rabbit.  Maggie has loved her bunny from the first day of her life.  She clung to that rabbit when her daddy got sick. 

 I have been wanting to make Mags a bunny shirt for a long time and recently I did just that.  I love it and so does Maggie Moo.  Since Easter is coming up, I decided this shirt would be an awesome shirt to take orders for.

 So here’s the deal…

 The bunny rabbit shirt is going to be a special shirt, on sale as a special deal and all.  From now until Feb. 15th, if you purchase/order a bunny shirt, your total will be $20.00 shipped!  The bunny will look exactly like this one, except I can do your bunny ears in any color (refer to the Fabric Choice Inventory tab at the top) and the flower will be in fabric instead of the pre-made flower. 

So, $20. 00 shipped. 
Your sweetie will look so adorable on Easter!