Sometime I create so much and take such last minute pictures and then it takes me a Rando (random) post to catch me up…  So here we go! 

These Coffee Cozies have already headed to Tiffani…an awesome lady I used to teach with.  I know that she loves them and I hope that they make a great Valentine’s Day present for your someone special! 


I LOVE snow days…What teacher do you know that doesn’t?  I have been cranking out some awesome stuff the past 2 days!  The first is a headband for ME.  I never get around to making myself anything, so I especially love this reversible headband!  So fun in the Gym with my plain-o-outfits…what a cute way to jazz it up! 


4 Keyfobs that Jenny Sue (a great friend from High School) picked up as some quick and cheap Thank You presents for some teacher’s at her school!

2 more keyfobs going to some special women! 



I LOVE these!  My awesome niece and twin nephews have some water bottles that they carry to school daily.  I created some cozies for them to use to keep their hands dry and warm.  I love all the detail in these cozies.  I took the pic with my phone so sorry for the terrible quality.  But, I sewed in between every line and made them super cute for some of my favorite children EVER! 


This shirt…where do I even begin? 

This shirt went to a very special lady…Val.  Val came to visit with our family as she is Joshua Tucker, my youngest nephew’s, birthmom.  J.T. has been an amazing addition to our family.  My sis and bro-in-law have amazing children and he has fit right in.  Val left her sweet 2 yr. old daughter behind to spend time with J.T. this past Christmas so my mom, dad, Josh, Maggie, and I wanted her to have something to open to take back home to her daughter.  The flower shirt is adorably simple and I love it. 

(again sorry it was on my phone camera)