I love birthdays. 
I love my birthday, so when it is other people’s turn to have one, I get so excited. 
Meet Owen. 

(picture by my hubby, Josh @ jdharrisphotography.wordpress.com)

He is one of my BFF from HIGH SCHOOL (yes, did you just read high school) little boy.  Rachel is her mommy and we have been best buds since 6th grade!  Mr. Owen turned 4 on Wednesday and this morning Maggie and I got to go to his birthday party.  I wanted his birthday present to be awesome.  I have never made anything for Owen, so I was honored when Rachel hinted that she would love for me to make him something instead of buying a toy.  I said okay so what are his favorites.  She said that he loves his name because he can read it, recognize it, and spell it…and dinosaurs.  She said he loves dinosaurs.  BINGO!!!

So this is what I came up with.  Owen loved it when he opened it this morning and I believe his mommy did too.  It was an honor to make a special shirt for a special boy.

Happy Birthday OwEn!  We love you!