Meet Mr. Alligator.  He went to an awesome little man named Jaxs.  Jaxs is the nephew to one of my BFF from school Katie.  She let me know in November that she wanted an alligator for Jaxs and a peach for her new niece Kennedy.  Jaxs loves alligators and according to Katie…when he wears this shirt he says that the alligator is eatting his belly! 
I love it!

I have meet Ms. Kennedy one time and she is absolutely beautiful.  Has the MOST beautiful blue eyes.  Katie and the whole family have called Kennedy “peach” since the day she was born because of her peach fuzzy hair.  I have never made a peach before and it took me forever before I felt like I got it right.  The top layer is a fuzzy material. 

Thanks so much for your continued support Katie V.  I adore you!