Can you believe that Christmas IS SO CLOSE!  O MY WORD!!!  Is it just me or does it seem like it should still be

Well, it’s Christmas time and being a teacher…I love presents from my kiddos…even if it is a homemade card to tell me that they love JIM!  hehe. 

If your looking for a GREAT teacher gift, gift for your hairdresser, mailperson, Sunday School teacher…HERE THEY ARE!  These keyfobs are the best and everyone that has one says that they don’t know how they lived without it before.  They fit over your wrist, therefore no more searching for 10 minutes to find your keys in the bottom of the dark hole of your purse!  Back me up…if you have a MaggieMoo’s Keyfob, leave me a comment and back me up.  They are the BEST!  

$5.00 sale…gets them from me to your mailbox FAST!  Just let me know if you need one.  Any of the fabrics you see on my blog are available to be placed on a keyfob.  I will send you a paypal invoice to receive payment and then get to work!

Merry Early Christmas!