These awesome shirts are going to a very special group of ladies.  Rachel contacted me about a week ago and had a very special request.   I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel this summer at Centri-Kid when I went to visit my BF, Lyndsey.  Rachel received one of my creations this summer from Lyndsey, which was the JFJ shirt.  You see, her sister is adopting a little man from Ethiopia who already has his name, Eli.  Eli is being prayed for and thought of all the time even from across the globe.  She wanted some shirts to give as gifts to her sister, mom, and herself to show their support as they wait and pray for Eli.  

I love how these shirts turned out.  The shape of Africa is so awesome to sew.  I also love that Rachel requested Eli’s name on the shirts and the heart was my special touch! 

Thank you so much for your order Rachel.  I will be thinking and praying for Eli.