I love SERIOUSLY SWEET customers.  Those customers that come back year after year to have me create their child’s one-of-a-kind birthday shirts.  I know how much time and effort I put into making Maggie’s birthday parties a huge success, to be asked to be apart of that…means more than people understand. 

Amanda is no exception.  Mr. Landon has been my customer for quite some time now.  When he turned 2, he got a dumptruck shirt that was adorable.  Then his mom wanted him to have a train shirt because Landon loves trains.  That was so much fun to make as well.  When Amanda contacted me and asked me to do Landon’s 3 year old shirt, I was floored by the opportunity…a racecar!!!  O YEAH! 

I received this email and awesome picture from Amanda last week and just had to share her sweet words…

I love everything about it – as does he. You were great at taking a concept and making it a reality. The little touches that you added – such as ten 3 in the flag is great! When ever he wears the shirt and someone asks him how old he is he points to the 3 in the flag. Once again ‘Thank you’ for making his special day even more special!

I look forward to 4!

Amanda and Mr. Landon…thank you for including me in your special day.  I feel like I have watched Landon grow over the past two years.  Thanks again!  I love the picture!!!