We are heading to Disney for Fall Break. When I say we, I mean 11 people. JuJu, Poppy Eddie, Aunt Brea, Uncle J, Anna, Isaac, Luke, Mary Elizabeth, Josh, Maggie, and I. Sheesshhh! We have a crew…It is going to be out-of-this-world FUN!

Apparently, I went as a child and Josh and Maggie have never been. We are Disney Virgins!!!
Mom and Dad booked it and Brea and Mom and Dad have planned it. Since I don’t remember one thing about it, I had nothing to contribute…EXCEPT some awesome custom Mickey Shirts for the whole fam! Yep, 11 of them. All different, all made with TONS of love! Cool colors and cool fabrics! Even my Dad liked his!
I am so stinkin’ excited about Disney I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see our crew sporting these awesome shirts!

Does my sis have beautiful kids or what!!!!