My best friend Lyndsey called me from the camp that she is serving at this summer and had a special request.  She and her director, Meredith, have to have keys on them at all times and they kept losing them.  They are directors at Centri-Kid Camps for Children and they are rocking it out!

She asked if I was up to the challenge of creating some one-of-a-kind lanyards for them to wear around their necks so they never had to look for keys again.  I said…SURE!  Since I teach PE, I have a whistle on at all times and have never thought of creating one of these for myself…silly me!!!  I LOVE THEM and so did they!  I remember when I lived in Maine and taught tennis, getting a package was the closest thing to Heaven. 

These lanyards can be used for keys, ID badges, whistles, you name it. 

$15.00 each if interested in one, just let me know.DSC04457