My sweet dad, Papa Eddie, has wanted me to create him a shirt for about 6 months now.  He bought me a shirt and everything, emailed me a picture of his Fender that he wanted me to recreate in my own way, and said “take your time…I’m in no rush.”  Well, it was a good thing because I swear it took me about half a year to create it.  It was a simple design, but it was for my dad.  My dad that always loves new ideas, is always way ahead of “the times”, supports me and loves me for being so funky and weird…I could go on and on. 

His birthday was coming up at the beginning of December and I wanted to give him his shirt (which I was sure he had forgotten about) as his present.  I finally got the design right and just went for it.  I wanted it to be perfect.  I love the way that it turned out, but more importantly, I love that my dad loves it.



He is so handsome.  I love you dad!