I am absolutely in love with this next creation.  I did a drawing a couple of weeks ago for a FREE skirt just for leaving a comment.  I had a great response with over 45 comments.  I loved reading all the comments and encouraging words about my work.  It has been an amazing road that this craft has taken me on.  I have come out of my shell towards promoting myself and what I can do, which was not easy for me.  I love to see Maggie enjoying the items that I have made for her and often wonder if she will grow to love the fact that her mommy made her items that were just for her. 


The winner of the free skirt was Rachel W.  She was so excited and she gave me free reign to do any fabrics or patterns that I wanted to!  That was so much fun!  Alie Grace is a bit older than my usual customers, but that made it even more fun because therefore the fabric had to be bigger and you got to see just how beautiful this skirt truly is.  I purchased this beautiful fabric from The Fabric Shoppe on Etsy.  Check it out as Jody has a wonderful selection of fabrics to choose from!




Rachel, I hope you love this skirt for years to come.  It truly was made with LOTS of love and thread!