I love to experiment with new projects.
Even if they turn out terrible the first couple of times that you do it, it is fun to me to just watch, work, and create something beautiful. I found an awesome pattern off of Etsy that teaches you step by step on how to create these fun Coloring Wallets. I made one for Maggie and absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. First of all, the apples fabric that I am using is by Sandi Henderson and it could not be any cuter. The little Coloring Caddy is so sweet and handy. Maggie loves it.

It will hold a small notebook some crayons (jumbo or regular size) and even has an extra compartment/pocket for the finished work to go.


This is the Caddy closed. It is held together by a button and a rubber band.


This is the inside of the Coloring Caddy. Love it!

So of course if I could make a coloring caddy, I figured I could work with the pattern and create a super cool list holder. I love to make lists. I do it, seriously, everyday so that I can get everything I need to get done…done. I love the way this List Caddy turned out. This is going to my awesome Mother…JuJu. My mom loves to make lists as much as I do and I thought she would love this fabric. I hope you love it JuJu!


Outside of the List Caddy with awesome vintage orange button and rubber band for closure.


Inside of List Caddy. Has a larger notebook on the right side and 3 separate compartments on the left. Two pen slots, another open spot for business cards and such, and a large opening at the top for lists to go.


My next project lately…Can you tell I have something brewing in my brain all the time…has been to create some super funky Christmas gifts for CHEAP. I know that may sound silly, but I honestly think that homemade gifts with taste are the best kind of gift there is. I have lately been working on my own design to make kitchen towels…cute. These are some yummy flour sack towels with some beautiful fabric attached. On the top there is a sweet loop made of ribbon for hanging. These are so fun and are super absorbent. Need one for some gifts…$4.00 each. Email me…you don’t need a number or comment for these!



I think they are going to make great office lady gifts, Sunday School teacher gifts, bus driver gifts, teacher gifts, any gifts…and they are cheap-o deep-o. Email me if you are interested in some.