This next order was SOOOO much fun to create. 

It is for a great girl, Destry.  Destry and I go way back.  Back to the days of playing volleyball in the backyard.  It was quite an honor when she got a spot for me to create something special for her.  At first, I thought it was probably going to be a shirt or two for her kiddos.  When I contacted her, she said that she would love for me to make her some custom hankies.  She said she is always needing a tissue or handkerchief in church and thought it would be so cool to have some designer custom made hankies. 

I totally agreed with her and was up for the challenge.

There are 7 Hankies total.  The top picture is the front of the hankie and the bottom picture is the backs of the hankies.  Some are double layered with fabric, others are backed with yummy chenille.

This hankie is probably one of my favorites.  It has the great leaf print fabric and then I appliqued a patch that has a “d” in thread on it.  Very vintagey in my opinion!

Thanks so much for your order Destry.  I loved creating something special for you.  I hope you love them!