…I have been a busy little beaver lately.  Between filling orders, taking new ones, and just being a mom, I have had a busy summer.  I have had several people email me and ask what was going on with my Orders Calendar and why is says that I am full.

It says that I am full because I am full.  I am currently not taking any new orders until further notice.  I miss sewing for my little Maggie and just having some free time.  I LOVE sewing, I love sewing for others…lately, my favorite thing has been doing themed shirts for birthdays.  I am planning to start back to teaching very soon, at a new school, with a new surrounding…so I need time for me. 

I will sew again.  I promise.  I just need some me-time.

Please continue to check out the blog for other orders that I am finishing up.  I plan to have all of my currently taken orders completed by the end of the month.  IFyou have contacted me and have placed a specific order and have not heard from me, please re-contact me at alihol (at) hotmail dot com.

Thanks for all of your love and support! 

Made with LOTS of love and thread,

Alison and Maggie Moo