This adorable shirt is going to a little sweetie named Maria. She is the granddaughter to one of my most favorite people ever!! Mrs. Burt was my Principal at one of my school the first 4 years of teaching career. She retired 2 years ago and I have missed her so much since then. I could go on for hours on how Mrs. Burt loved me, encouraged me, and led me to be the teacher I am today. I just love her.
She contacted me to request a sweet shirt for her little sweetie, Maria. She said that her granddaughter loves ice cream cones and PINK…no need to say anything else! I am all over that!

I love the way that this ice cream cone came out. I used some yummy pink and green fabrics and lots of layers. It looks so springy and happy…I love it! It reminds me of this awesome ice cream place in Indiana that Josh’s family always takes me to in the summer…

Mrs. Burt, I hope you love the shirt. I hope that little Maria loves it as well. I just love you and adore you for the awesome woman you are. Thank you for supporting me and my craft!