This adorable shirt is for a new friend of mine, Amy, out in Murfreesboro. Her sweet daughter Savannah is the owner of Georgia the Giraffe. Amy contacted me because she needed a gift for a friend…She told me to be creative and just surprise her.

I love the way this sweet cupcake came out. It is made with some adorable springy fabrics in pinks, greens, and more pinks. The sweetest detail on this shirt has to be all the buttons. They make the shirt so lovable.

Amy, I hope you love this shirt! I can’t wait to hear what MaKenzie thinks about it!

~Here is the fun part…This cupcake needs a name! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think his/her new name should be. Needs to be a good one…once it is named, that name sticks with every cupcake shirt made. There are no “rules”…so be creative!

Thanks for your help on this one!!!