I am THRILLED with all of my mentions lately. I have the best people in my life and some of the coolest the kiddos wearing and owning Maggie Moo Originals. It is such a humbling experience to read such nice words about you and your work.
Erin‘s sweet son received the Maggie Taggie Blanket with Parker the VW on it and LOVES it. She was so sweet with her mention about me on her blog with the adorable pictures of Finnegan with his blanket. I am so glad he loves it. Those blankets are so soft…I am thinking about making myself one!! 🙂

Here is a sweet picture of Finnegan asleep with his Maggie Taggie Blanket. Thanks Erin for your sweet mention and I am so glad that Finn loves it! To check out the rest of her mention, click HERE.

Erica, mom to Parker (Parker the VW w/ Surfboard) and Jazmyne (Ms. Edna, Themla, and Louise) left another sweet mention on her blog about me and my Maggie Moo Creations. Craziest thing, I ran into her and her sweet kiddos the other day at the Nashville Zoo and Ms. Jazmyne was wearing her adorable shirt.

Thank you, Erica, for your awesome mention! I am so glad that Jazmyne loves her shirt. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for your business! To read the rest of her mention, click HERE.