This sweet Maggie Taggie Blanket is for a very special little man.

Erin is a sister to one of my most favorite people in the world. I work with her sister, Beth, at one of my schools. Erin and I have never met, but Beth always tells me that I remind her of her sister…which she loves because she doesn’t get to see her that often. Erin’s little sweetie is Mr. Finnegan. He is adorable and through all the pictures that I have seen, has to have the best personality.

Erin contacted me to order a Maggie Taggie Blanket for him. She wanted an adorable “Parker the VW with surfboard” on top to accent one of the sides. I LOVE all the ribbons that I picked for this taggie. I think that blue and chocolate brown are too cute together. I carefully placed all the ribbons and triple stitched them down for added security. I used one of the ribbons for my logo tag and added some awesome buttons for the wheels on the VW and the rest was history.
These taggies are a ton of work…but, I love them. They are super-duper soft and Maggie loves her taggie blanket that I made her.

Thank you so much Erin for your order and business. I can’t wait to see little Finnegan with his taggie blanket. I hope you love it!

…I would love to custom make your little sweetie a Maggie Taggie Blanket

…I would also LOVE your feedback on this one…What do you think?…